The Tasmanian Institute of Sport runs the following programs:

National Training Centre (NTC) Programs
NTC Programs are the main sport programs offered by the TIS.  They are run in conjunction with relevant national and state sporting organisation. All NTC sports have a full time coach employed by the TIS specifically to conduct the NTC program. Athletes are admitted into these programs using the relevant national sporting organisation's accepted standards and are provided with coaching, access to national and international competition, equipment and all TIS services which include sports science and athlete career and education.

NTC sports include:
Football (soccer)
Track & Field

Elite Development Programs (EDP)
EDPs are a two-way partnership between the TIS and the relevant state sporting organisation and are designed for sports with an identified group of athletes where the TIS does not run an NTC program.  Each sport has a coach and/or program coordinator endorsed by the sport who runs the daily training environment and works with the TIS on program specifics and delivery. 

EDPs are run according to a '3-tier' model:
• Tier 1 - Sports where athletes are of an international standard.
• Tier 2 - Sports where athletes are of a national standard.
• Tier 3 - Sports with developmental athletes and provides educational-based activities.

EDP sports include:

Individual Scholarship Program
Individual scholarships are provided to athletes from sports in which a small number of athletes are performing at the required level in the sport, or where the sport does not have the infrastructure to provide a coach/coordinator and other support services necessary for an EDP or NTC program. 

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