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Our Values

TasRail is a values driven organisation.
Our Values
This year saw the launch of ‘The TasRail Way,’ which is a key part of TasRail’s cultural change program.

The booklet advocates the need for a proactive approach to safety and corporate integrity and why this is critical to our ability to attract new staff and customers - and retain existing ones. Consolidating and growing our corporate reputation is a key component of the Business Transformation Plan. That reputation flows directly from a set of core values that define not only what TasRail is, but also what the company aspires to be: Safety, Integrity, Leadership, Teamwork, Responsibility, Excellence and Innovation, in addition to proudly recognising our heritage.

The above values are also presently enshrined through a series of expectations, standards and codes of conduct, which until the publication of ‘The TasRail Way’  hadn’t been distilled into a single document.The document outlines the principles which underpin the way TasRail approaches what are frequently complex social and economic decisions that affect us individually, and as a company, and are essential to our commitment to sustainable development. In effect ‘The TasRail Way’ constitutes the company’s corporate conscience, always in the background to guide us when it comes to making important decisions.

As a company TasRail has come a long way since its creation in 2009, however when it comes to restoring the credibility and reliability of freight rail in Tasmania there’s a deal more to be done. The conduct of TasRail employees collectively, or as an individual directly influences not only how well the company performs but also how those outside of TasRail view the organisation. Staying true to these values helps to promote long term business success through productivity gains and contributions to our local communities.