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Our Procurement

Our Procurement
TasRail purchases a significant amount of goods and services from local suppliers, since it was established, TasRail has spent $97.7 million purchasing goods and services from more than 900 Tasmanian companies.

 When purchasing goods and services, every endeavour will be made to:

  • Achieve value for money from the purchase – Value for money means achieving the desired quality outcome at the best possible price. In practice this means weighing up the benefits of the purchase against the cost of the purchase.
  • Value for money factors need to be specifically included in evaluation criteria and may include:
    • Quality of Product and Supplier Service
    • Fitness for Purpose
    • Compatibility with Existing and Anticipated Business Environment
    • Whole of Life-cycle Costs Including Running and Maintenance Costs
    • Compliance with Safety, Health & Environment (SHE) Requirements
    • Disposal Value
    • Environmental Considerations
  • Have open and effective competition where practicable – in order to drive enhanced value for money and procurement efficiencies.
  • Comply with commercial ethical practices -to ensure all procurement decisions are transparent, made on an arm’s length commercial basis and any conflicts of interest are appropriately managed.

 Tenders are advertised in a number of forums, current TasRail tenders can be found by clicking here. All Purchase Orders issued by TasRail are subject to all TasRail Pty Ltd Standard Terms and Conditions and/or read in combination with a formal agreement entered into between both parties in writing. The TasRail Standard Terms and Conditions can be downloaded in Adobe Acrobat format using this link or by contacting the TasRail Procurement Department on 1300 827 7245 or