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Supreme Court of Tasmania

Sentencing Law in Tasmania

The You be the Judge link takes you to the web site for Sentencing Law in Tasmania.

The information on the web site is designed to work as part of a staged workshop together with the video You be the Judge: Sentencing Law in Tasmania. On the video you'll find mock case scenarios based on two real examples of cases and sentences in the Magistrates Court and Supreme Court of Tasmania. People's names and other details have been changed to protect privacy.

Sentencing is a discretionary exercise. This website presents the information needed to analyse the two pleas in mitigation presented in the video and make your own determination on the sentence that each defendant should receive, before hearing the sentences as determined on the day of the workshop by a real Magistrate and Judge.

Each main section of this web site - General Sentencing Principles, Magistrates Court and Supreme Court - has the option to download a PDF document which brings together the papers and worksheets used in the workshop.

If you or your school / community organisation would like to borrow a video at no cost or have any queries about using this website and/or the video please contact:

Telephone Legal Advice Service
Legal Aid Commission of Tasmania
Ph. 1300 366 611 (local call cost within Tasmania)
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