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Supreme Court of Tasmania

Supreme Court of Tasmania

Supreme Court Fees (effective 1 July 2013)

Filing Fees


Originating application (other than admission to the legal profession)


 Writ (including Appeal Cost Fund Fee)

  • if claim exceeds $50,000.00
  • if claim does not exceed $50,000.00


 Application for admission to the legal profession



  • for a copy which has already been transcribed - per page
  • for a copy which is required to be transcribed - per page


 On taxation of a bill of costs - 4% of the amount allowed or such lesser amount as the taxing officer, in the officer's discretion, thinks proper


 Notice instituting an appeal

  • from any order or judgment of the Court or any Judge of the Court or from the Associate Judge to the Full Court
  • from an inferior court, statutory tribunal or referee


 Writ of Execution on debts and or possession

  • not exceeding $20,000.00
  • exceeding $20,000


 Search Fees  
 For every search or inspection of any index, register, file or other document, except where any such serarch or inspection is made by a person who is a party to that cause or matter or the solicitor for that party




 Per page


 Mediation Fee  
If the mediator is an employee of, or otherwise  engaged by, the Supreme Court



A party may apply for a waiver, reduction, postponement or refund of Court Fees using the attached Application for Waiver, Reduction, Refund or Postponement of a Fee Form.


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