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Supreme Court of Tasmania


Payment for jury service

Jurors who are employed are paid up to a maximum of $218.08 per day providing they supply evidence from their employer that they have lost salary whilst at court on jury duty.

Unemployed persons are paid $25.00 for each half day they attend court; $40.00 for each of the first three full days they attend and $50.00 for each full day they attend thereafter.

Jurors also receive a lunch allowance of $10.95 for each full day they are at court unless the jury has retired to consider its verdict. In such cases, the court will provide your meals.

If a juror is a vegetarian, suffers allergies, or has special dietary requirements they should discuss this with the Sheriff's Office staff so that suitable arrangements can be made.

Parking and mileage costs

There is no all-day parking located in the vicinity of the court. Jurors are advised to park in one of the parking stations in the central business district.

Jurors are paid at the following rate:

  • $0.4787 cents (over 2 litre engine capacity); or
  • $0.4117 cents (under 2 litre engine capacity)

per kilometre travelled whilst on jury service. The distance is calculated from your place of residence to the courthouse by the shortest practicable route.

If you travel by public transport, keep your bus tickets as they will be refunded.

Taxi fares will not be re-imbursed.

Car parking fees are also paid on production of receipts.

Parking fines

Parking fines are not paid.

Child care costs

If jurors have to avail themselves of child care facilities due to jury service, then they should retain all receipts as the court will refund the reasonable costs of child care.