When should I review my Will?

An up to date, professionally written Will is one of the most important documents you will ever have.


We generally recommend that you review your Will every 3 to 5 years or when any of your life circumstances change, including the following;

  • You have acquired or disposed of assets;
  • You have married, divorced or have entered into a significant or caring relationship;
  • You have a new child, grandchild or stepchild;
  • One of your children has divorced, separated or entered into a significant relationship;
  • Your children now have stepchildren;
  • You have retired;
  • Your spouse or partner has died;
  • One of your beneficiaries has died or become incapacitated;
  • You no longer want to make a provision for a beneficiary mentioned in your Will.

Note that legislative changes may impact upon how beneficiaries receive assets or income under your Will.  If this occurs then you should revise your Will.

If you are a client at the Public Trustee we would always ensure that you are kept up to date with these changes.

I found the advice given was sensitive, efficient and thorough. I appreciate the up to date and honest approach.

Sheffield Will Client