The Public Trustee was the first office of its kind in Australia and continues to provide specialist and professional services to all Tasmanian’s.

Time Line

1853  Tasmanian Curators Office established by statute as part of the Colonial Supreme Court establishment under the Deceased Persons Estate Act 1853.

1912   Public Trust Office Act 1912 proclaimed. The then Curator, Hector Ross, became the first Public Trustee 1912-1925.

1924   Public Trust Office became a separate Government Department.

1927   Royal Commission investigated a claimed improper relationship between the then Attorney-General and the Public Trust Office.

1928   Public Trust Office moved to Bursary House.

1929   Public Trust Office Act 1912 amended to become Public Trust Office Act 1930.

1942   Fearing threat of Japanese Invasion into the Derwent the Public Trust Office moved to Mimosa in North Hobart.

1973  Public Trust Office Launceston branch opened.

1986  Public Trust Office Burnie branch opened.

1989  Construction began on Trustee House at 116 Murray Street, Hobart.

1990   Public Trust Office moved to Trustee House from Mimosa where it had been housed for the last 48 years.

1994   Public Trust Office Devonport branch opened.

1995   The Government Business Enterprises Act 1995 proclaimed The Public Trustee a Government Business Enterprise and an independent Board was appointed to oversee the management of The Public Trustee.  The position of Public Trustee was renamed Chief Executive Officer.

2003   The Public Trustee celebrated their 150th anniversary.  A time capsule was created to hold messages from Tasmanian primary school children describing their hopes and dreams for the next 50 years.

A highlight of the 150th anniversary celebrations was the sealing of a unique time capsule on 29 August 2003 at our Hobart office.  The capsule contained personal messages from over 500 Tasmanian primary school children about their hopes and aspirations for life in 50 years.

These are some of the “Time Capsule Messages” we received.

In 2053 I think all animals will be able to communicate with humans. There will be teleporting machines that take you anywhere you desire. There will be cures for diseases. Zoe – 11 years

In 2053 I lean back in my computerised chair. I remember the old days when dogs could only bark and people died of many cancers. I will travel the world. Ellen – 12 years

My personal dream is to marry a man and have six or more children and spend time with my friends and to be buried next to my dog Scooter. Briar – 9 years

I hope there will be no more war, starvation and that people will wake up to what they are doing to the environment. And that everybody will be happy. Henry

In 2053 I would be a grandmother, retired from a successful career as a crime-scene investigator. I want no wars, a clean environment, no famine and a disease-free world. Eleanor – 12 years