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Bills Currently before Parliament

  Bill last updated
Aboriginal Heritage Protection (Consequential Amendments) Bill 2013 72 of 2013View bill progress13/11/2013
Aboriginal Heritage Protection Bill 2013 73 of 2013View bill progress21/11/2013
Aboriginal Lands Amendment Bill 2012 27 of 2012View bill progress28/06/2012
Acts Enumeration Amendment (pro-forma) 1 of 2010View bill progress9/06/2010
Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals (Control of Use) Amendment Bill 48 of 2011View bill progress26/10/2011
Agricultural ansd Veterinary Chemicals (Control Of Use) Amendment (Ban 1080) 20 of 2010View bill progress22/06/2010
Animal Welfare (Ban Battery Hens) Amendment 56 of 2010View bill progress26/10/2010
Canal Estates (Prohibition) 15 of 2011View bill progress18/08/2011
Chemical Trespass 36 of 2010View bill progress2/09/2010
Climate Change (State Action) Interim Targets Amendment. 82 of 2011View bill progress24/11/2011
Co-Operatives National Law (Tasmania) Bill 2013 74 of 2013View bill progress18/11/2013
Constitution Amendment (Legislative Council Proceedings) Bill 2011 19 of 2011View bill progress14/04/2011
Constitution Amendment (Membership of State Parliament) Bill 21 of 2011View bill progress1/09/2011
Construction Industry (Long Service) Amendment Bill 2013 63 of 2013View bill progress13/11/2013
Criminal Code Amendment (Arson) Bill 2013 70 of 2013View bill progress15/10/2013
Dangerous Goods (Road and Rail Transport) 9 of 2010View bill progress30/09/2010
Directors' Liability (Miscellaneous Amendments) Bill 2012 59 of 2012View bill progress20/11/2012
Education (Retention of Schools) Bill 42 of 2011View bill progress17/11/2011
Egg Labelling and Sale Bill 2013 81 of 2013View bill progress19/11/2013
Electoral (Prohibition on Corporate Tobacco Donations) Amendment Bill 2013 52 of 2013View bill progress17/09/2013
Electoral Amendment (Electoral Expenditure and Political Donations) Bill 2013 83 of 2013View bill progress21/11/2013
Electoral Amendment (Legislative Council Ballot Papers) Bill 2010 70 of 2010View bill progress24/11/2011
Electricity Price Cap (Implementing Labor's Broken Election Promise) 44 of 2010View bill progress30/09/2010
Electricity Supply Industry (Lower Power Prices for all Tasmanians) 16 of 2011View bill progress18/04/2011
Financial Integrity and Transparency 54 of 2010View bill progress14/10/2010
Financial Management and Audit (Quarterly Reporting) Amendment Bill 2011 49 of 2011View bill progress24/11/2011
Financial Management and Audit Amendment Bill 2012 18 of 2012View bill progress17/08/2012
Financial Transactions Reports Amendment 30 of 2013View bill progress4/12/2013
Gaming Control Amendment 5 of 2010View bill progress30/09/2010
Gaming Control Amendment (No. 2) 28 of 2010View bill progress24/09/2010
Growing the Tasmanian Economy (Planning Reform) 9 of 2011View bill progress18/05/2011
Limitation Amendment Bill 2013 44 of 2013View bill progress18/09/2013
Local Government (Powers to Regulate Electronic Gaming Machines) Amendment Bill 2012 31 of 2012View bill progress21/06/2012
Monitoring of Places of Detention (Optional Protocol to the Convention Against Torture) Bill 2013 43 of 2013View bill progress24/09/2013
National Parks and Reserves Management Amendment (Parks and Reserves Authority) Bill 2013 62 of 2013View bill progress20/11/2013
North-West Regional Hospital (Radiation Oncology Services) 31 of 2010View bill progress14/10/2010
Parliamentary Reform (Restore Assembly Numbers) Bill 2012 61 of 2012View bill progress25/09/2013
Partition Bill Pro Forma 2 of 2010View bill progress10/06/2010
Personal Property Securities (Commonwealth Powers) 22 of 2010View bill progress8/03/2011
Poisons Amendment (Poppy Advisory and Control Board Levy) Bill 46 of 2012View bill progress31/10/2012
Police Offences Amendment Bill 2013 77 of 2013View bill progress18/11/2013
Pulp Mill Assessment Act (Repeal Section 11) Amendment Bill 2013 84 of 2013View bill progress20/11/2013
Pulp Mill Assessment Repeal 6 of 2011View bill progress25/05/2011
Residential Building Work Quality (Warranties and Disputes) Bill 52 of 2012View bill progress17/09/2013
Residential Property Transactions Bill 17 of 2013View bill progress10/04/2013
Right to Information Amendment 13 of 2011View bill progress6/09/2011
Sale of Tote Tasmania Repeal Bill 28 of 2011View bill progress23/08/2012
Same Sex Marriage 41 of 2012View bill progress27/09/2012
Same-sex Mariage (Dissolution and Annulment) 63 of 2010View bill progress9/11/2010
Same-sex Marriage 65 of 2010View bill progress9/11/2010
Same-sex marriage (Celebrant and Registration) 64 of 2010View bill progress9/11/2010
Secondary Colleges (Restoration) 6 of 2010View bill progress7/07/2010
State Service Amendment (Redeployment) Bill 2013 82 of 2013View bill progress21/11/2013
Subordinate Legislation (Miscellaneous Amendments) Bill 2010 35 of 2010View bill progress8/03/2012
Supporting Local Business and Jobs (Local Benefits Test) 10 of 2011View bill progress14/11/2012
Supporting Local Business and Jobs (Reducing Red Tape) 11 of 2011View bill progress15/03/2011
Vehicle and Traffic Amendment (Power-Assisted Pedal Cycles) Bill 2013 76 of 2013View bill progress18/11/2013
Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2013 61 of 2013View bill progress17/10/2013
Water Legislation Amendment 32 of 2013View bill progress22/08/2013
Whales Protection (State Sanctuary) Amendment 66 of 2010View bill progress19/04/2012
Workers Rehabilitation and Compensation Amendment Bill 2012 60 of 2012View bill progress27/11/2012
Workplace Health and Safety Amendment (Right to Work Without Hindrance) Bill 30 of 2011View bill progress21/09/2011

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