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Frequently Asked Questions

Our frequently asked questions (FAQs) are a simple way of finding quick answers to common questions.


1. Which vehicles need to be registered?

2. What is considered a motor vehicle?

3. How do I arrange third party insurance?

4. Can I access MAIB brochures on this site?

5. Where do I find your legislation?

6. What do I do if I have a complaint?

7. Who is the Minister responsible for the MAIB?

Off Road Vehicles

1. Why do I have to insure my off road vehicle?

2. Which vehicles require third party insurance cover?

3. What happens if I do not insure my off road vehicle?


1. Why do I have to complete a Notice of Accident form if I haven't lodged a claim?

2. I have been asked to complete a Notice of Accident form but no-one was hurt in the accident?

3. Both the other driver and I have been injured in an accident that was my fault. Does that mean I might be liable for any costs?

4. Can I claim for the damage to my car, bicycle, clothing, shoes etc?

5. Am I covered if I fall off my bicycle and there is no motor vehicle involved?

6. I have received an account for treatment, what do I do with it?

7. How long before my claim is processed?

8. What is a claim number for and when will I receive one?

9. My claim has been rejected, why?

10. My claim has been rejected, can I appeal the decision?

11. What happens if my claim is accepted?

12. What treatment will MAIB cover?

13. Why have I been asked by the MAIB to obtain written support for my medical treatment from my doctor?

14. Can I have an account set up for my required medication at a pharmacy?

15. Can I claim my lost wages?

16. When will I receive my first wages payment?

17. When will I receive my first housekeeping payment?

18. Can I claim my travel costs?

19. Will a rehabilitation provider be allocated to my claim?

20. You have rejected payment of some or all of my treatments. Do I have grounds to appeal the decision?

21. Am i entitled to compensation?

22. I have been involved in a motor vehicle accident, what do I do?

23. Where do I get the MAIB claim forms from?

24. Is a family free to choose a funeral director of their own choice for the burial or cremation of a family member fatally injured in a motor accident?

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