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Our Power Stations

Almost a century ago our first hydropower station was built. Times and technology changed but Hydro Tasmania’s clever minds continued to develop hydropower stations into the 1990s and continue to develop wind farms now.

Today we have 30 hydropower stations operating in Tasmania. We also operate two wind farms on mainland Tasmania and two diesel power stations and a wind farm on the Bass Strait islands.

Making sure the lights stay on

When many of our assets were built, they were world firsts. Planned maintenance and technical upgrades continue today which help to retain our world class standards that ensure the electricity supply is reliable and secure. 

Our station locations

Hydro Tasmania’s hydropower stations have been built in six high-rainfall water catchments which are formed from natural river systems in Tasmania’s rugged landscape. The water systems and power stations are interlinked through natural and man-made water channels.

Hydro Tasmania also utilises a world class wind resource, the roaring 40s, our wind farms have been built in these prevailing westerly winds.

Each power station is grouped by location, you can see this on the map below.