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The Forest Practices Authority

What is the Forest Practices Authority?

The Forest Practices Authority (FPA) is an independent statutory body responsible for administering the Tasmanian forest practices system. The system regulates the management of forest and threatened non-forest vegetation on both public and private land.

The FPA, as an independent advisor, researcher and regulator, has a key role to play in the search for a sustainable future for Tasmania's forests.   Set up in 1985 by the Tasmanian Parliament, it has more than 25 years' expertise and experience in developing and implementing the forest practices system.

The FPA is also involved in the implementation of other forest-related legislation and policies.

The FPA is funded by the Tasmanian Government and fees charged for forest practices plans. See the FPA's annual report for more information.

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An FPA specialist training forest managers in identifying and managing hollows in mature trees in order to protect habitat for hollow-dependent fauna.
Statutory functions of the FPA include:
  • advising the Minister on forest practices policy
  • issuing and maintaining the Forest Practices Code
  • training and accrediting Forest Practices Officers to prepare forest practices plans
  • assessing the implementation and effectiveness of forest practices plans
  • monitoring compliance and taking appropriate enforcement action
  • producing a state of the forests report every five years
  • providing reports to parliament on the above.

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