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The Forest Practices Authority

Enquiries and feedback

The Forest Practices Authority welcomes enquiries and feedback and is committed to providing the community with access to information about its functions and activities.

General enquiries

If you have a general enquiry or comment, please browse our web site for information before contacting the FPA as your query may be answered by information on the web site. You will find comprehensive information on the FPA and the forest practices system; of particular interest may be the information sheet Information on land clearing controls in Tasmania , the Forest Practices Code and the coupe planning process.

The FPA has produced an information sheet specifically about clearing controls on King Island as native vegetation cover on the island is now 30% of the original cover and so further broadscale clearing will not be permitted unless the exemptions listed in the information sheet apply.

Any request for information which you cannot find on this web site can be made by emailing or writing to:

Forest Practices Authority
30 Patrick Street
Hobart, 7000

Tel: 03 6165 4090
Fax: 03 6233 7954

Forest practices plans enquiries

If you have an enquiry about a specific forest practices plan, please contact the FPP's applicant directly rather than contacting the FPA.

If you observe forest practices occurring and wish to determine whether or not there is an FPP in place, check the the forest practices plans location map on this web site which provides the location and details of certified FPPs.

If you have concerns about an FPP on a property within 100m of your property, contact the applicant or designated contact as indicated on the Notice of Intent. All neighbours within 100 metres are required to be contacted and provided with a Notice of Intent by FPP applicants. 

Information on communicating information contained within forest practices plans is detailed in this document.

If additional information relating to a specific FPP is required, please make this request via

Smoke enquiries

All enquiries and complaints relating to smoke should be lodged with the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) (telephone 1800 005 171).

Information about the coordinated smoke management system can be found here.

Compliance-related enquiries

The FPA investigates all complaints relating to alleged breaches of the Forest Practices Act 1985, the Forest Practices Code, or poor practices. Investigations are carried out by the FPA's Compliance Program. In order to respond to enquiries and provide timely feedback, the FPA requests that enquiries relating to compliance are made in writing to the Compliance Program.

The Compliance Program has two officers to cover compliance-related issues in Tasmania:

Mick Schofield, Compliance Manager, is responsible for the south, south-east, central highland regions. 
Email; phone 6165 4086

Ann La Sala, Forest Practices Advisor, is responsible for the north-east, central north, north-west, west coast regions. 
Email; phone 6777 2711

Alternatively, letters can be sent to:

Compliance Program
Forest Practices Authority
30 Patrick Street
Hobart, 7000

Right to information

The FPA operates in accordance with the Right to Information Act 2009. Further information about this legislation and the approach adopted by the FPA can be found here.

Any request for information which you cannot find on this web site should be directed to the RTI Officer at using this application form.


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