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The Forest Practices Authority

Planning assistance

The FPA employs specialists in three research and advice programs - biodiversity; earth sciences; and cultural heritage and landscape. The Chief Forest Practices Officer and Forest Practices Advisers also provide technical and specialist advice.

Enabling Forest Practices Officers

Forest Practices Officers (FPOs) are responsible for planning and supervising forest operations. In line with the emphasis in the forest practices system on training, education and co-regulation, the FPA supports FPOs as follows:

  • setting the standards for forest practices, through the Forest Practices Code (which is regularly reviewed)
  • training FPOs to prepare, certify and supervise FPPs which comply with the Forest Practices Code
  • developing planning tools and agreed prescriptions to assist FPOs preparing forest practices plans (FPPs)
  • providing specialist advice to FPOs preparing FPPs involving complex planning issues.

The FPA has developed, in conjunction with other experts and agencies, planning tools which Forest Practices Officers use when preparing FPPs. These tools include aids to identifying natural and cultural values in the area covered by the FPP and also agreed procedures and endorsed management prescriptions to apply in order to protect these special values. These tools operate at both the strategic (landscape) level and the operational (FPP) level.

Biodiversity planning tools

Earth sciences planning tools

Cultural heritage and landscape planning tools

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