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Forests for the future
- 29 April 2013 (61kb PDF)
Interim agreement on Tasmanian forests wood supply and conservation - 15 August 2012 (103kb PDF)
Forestry Tasmania has retained its PEFC certification - Govt media release (PDF)
Forestry Tasmania AFS Certificate 2012 (122kb PDF)
Tasmanian Forest Reference Group signatory statement 18 May 2012 (PDF)
Bryan Green - Mission Strengthens Links with Trading Partners 29 Feb 2012 (PDF)
Bryan Green - Milestone in Tasmanian Forestry Agreement 13 Jan 2012 (PDF)
Bryan Green - Ta Ann protest condemned 12 Jan 2012 (PDF)

Welcome to Forestry Tasmania’s international forest information portal. We understand that it is sometimes difficult for people living outside of Tasmania to obtain objective non-political information about the way our forests are managed.

Forestry Tasmania (FT) is a forest management business responsible for 1.5 million hectares of state forest, which includes areas designated for timber production and for conservation.

We follow the principles of sustainable forest management, and the sustainability of our operations was confirmed by our recent recertification to the Australian Forestry Standard for another three years ( FT AFS Certificate 2012). This recertification followed a comprehensive and stringent audit across the full scope of our forest management by independent conformity assessment body, NCSI.

The Australian Forestry Standard is the only forest certification system to have been developed under accreditation by Standards Australia, and provides our customers with an assurance that timber supply is legal and sustainable. The Australian Forestry Standard is internationally endorsed by the world's largest and most accepted forest certification scheme, the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC).

Around the world, Tasmania has a very good reputation for its commitment to the environment and its forest protection policies.




最新ニュース - 関連ニュース
- 2013年4月29日 (161kb PDF)
タスマニア森林における木材供給と保護の暫定合意 - 2012年8月15日
フォレストリー・タスマニアが森林認定保証プログラム(PEFC)の認定を保持しました。-政府のメディア発表Govt Media Release
フォレストリー・タスマニアの2012年度オーストラリア森林基準(AFS)認定書 AFS Certificate 2012
タスマニア森林関係調印者団体 signatory statement 18 May 2012 (PDF)
通商使節団が貿易相手国とのつながりを強化 mission 29 Feb 2012 (PDF)
タスマニアの森林協定における画期的な出来事 milestone 13 Jan 2012 (PDF)
タ・アンへの抗議活動を非難 ta ann 12 Jan 2012 (PDF)







私共は持続可能な森林管理の原則に従っており、その運営は最近の再認定によって向こう3年間のオーストラリア森林基準認定(2012年FT AFS認定)を受けたことにより裏付けられています。この再認定は私共の森林管理の全面にわたって、総合的かつ厳しい監査が、独立の適合性評価機関、NCSIによって行われた結果によります。





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