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Regenerating Native Forests

There’s nothing quite as natural as harvesting and re-generating native forests. Using techniques that mimic nature, Forestry Tasmania harvests and regenerates about one percent of State forest each year, without using any chemicals – no herbicides, no pesticides and no wildlife poison.

vanessa thompson
“As a forester I know that sustainable management of our forests demands long-term planning."
Vanessa Thompson
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Importantly, we no longer allow for the conversion of state native forests to plantation.

Typically, seeds from the trees are collected during harvesting, the debris is burned to provide a natural seed bed and the seeds are re-sown to create a vibrant young forest. It will grow for up to 90 years, storing carbon, providing habitat for wildlife and protecting biodiversity until the cycle of harvesting and regeneration begins again.

In the years ahead, plantations will meet the bulk of the world’s timber needs, but the eco-premium products, we believe, will come from organically grown and sustainably managed native forests.

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