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Sustainable High Quality Eucalypt Sawlog Supply from Tasmanian State Forest

Forestry Tasmania models and monitors sustainable yield to ensure that harvesting of wood products is consistent with the long-term productive capacity of Tasmania’s State forests .

A five-yearly review of sustainable high quality eucalypt sawlog supply from Tasmanian State forest is required under Clause 98 of the Tasmanian Regional Forest Agreement (RFA) . The 2007 review updates the review in 2002, which followed the initial post-RFA review in 1998 . Also incorporated in this review are outcomes from the Supplementary Tasmanian Regional Forest Agreement, often referred to as the Tasmanian Community Forest Agreement (TCFA), signed in May 2005 .

The current review focuses on all native eucalypt forest and eucalypt plantations in wood production areas within State forest, equating to about 40 percent of all State forest or about 9 percent of Tasmania’s land area .

The current review describes the evolution of the forest management strategy and direction adopted by Forestry Tasmania to ensure a sustainable supply of high quality eucalypt sawlogs from Tasmanian State forest .

Over the last decade, annual high quality eucalypt sawlog production has averaged 300,000 m3 per year . Associated pulpwood and related product arisings have averaged 2,500,000 green metric tonnes per year .

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