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Welcome to the Forest Practices Plans Online Shop.

Copies of Forest Practices Plans (FPPs) for coupes in Tasmania’s state forests are now available online. You can freely browse lists of available FPP plans but before you can make a purchase you will need to
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The plans may be purchased for $20 each and are provided as unique
Adobe Acrobat PDF file download links that will be sent to your registered online shop email address.

Forest Practices Plans can be accessed two ways:
1/ via the 'Three Year Wood Production Plans' click here for each of the five forestry districts. Click on the district area, then the coupe list you require. The FFPs are shown in the end column of each coupe list. This option allows you to download a free map of the plan area before purchase

2/ by clicking directly on link below (no free map or plan preview provided).






FPPs are an integral part of the forest practices system that regulates forestry in Tasmania, on both public and private land.

The system is administered by the independent statutory body, the Forest Practices Authority (FPA), and ensures that forest practices provide protection for the natural and cultural values of forests. For more information about the FPA, click  link - 

As part of the forest practices system, Forest Practices Plans are prepared to cover all forestry associated quarry activities, road construction, harvesting (including land clearing) and forest establishment operations in Tasmania.

FPPs on state forest are prepared by highly qualified Forest Practices Officers and other specialist staff employed by Forestry Tasmania.  The plans cover all harvesting and forest establishment operations in Tasmania and associated activities such as quarries and road construction.


Preparation of FPPs involves months or even years of office and field work to:

- establish operational coupe boundaries (which may be different to the provisional coupe boundary contained in three year plans);

- locate potential safety and environmental hazards;

- assess any special values including flora, fauna, geomorphology, soil and water, cultural heritage;

- consult with neighbours, local government and other parties that may be directly affected by the proposed forest operation; and

- determine other considerations appropriate to forest management and practices for a particular site under consideration.

In some cases external specialist advice on management of special values will be sought from the FPA or other sources, such as the Threatened Species Unit of the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment.

Sensitive, confidential, or commercial-in-confidence information is removed from FPPs made available to the public.

FPPs not available on the web may be viewed and purchased at district offices.  For District Contacts, click here