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Our Products

Like all globally responsible organisations, we do everything possible to minimise waste. We manage our forests to produce around 300,000 cubic metres of high quality saw and veneer logs annually. Lower quality logs are sold as pulp wood and special species timbers are gathered to supply the craft industry.

Currently, the remnants are burnt on the forest floor to provide a seed bed for new regenerated forests. In future, it is hoped the heavier remnants will be gathered and used for a yet to be built biofuel plant in the state’s south to generate renewable energy.

Traditionally our forest products have comprised:

High quality eucalyptus sawlogs for the saw-milling industry, from which our furniture, building and sliced veneer products are ultimately produced.

Special species timbers such as Blackwood, Myrtle, Sassafras, Celery Top Pine, Leatherwood, Silver Wattle, Huon Pine and King Billy Pine.

Pulpwood is produced from those logs not up to standard to be supplied to sawmills for furniture and other high-value products. Much of this pulpwood is supplied to companies who manufacture woodchips which are used for the manufacture of a variety of paper products.

Forestry Tasmania’s role as the steward of our state forests has evolved over time and we now also play a leading role in attracting to our state new industries and companies who share our vision for innovation and value-adding to Tasmania’s timbers.

We use our extensive world wide network to create jobs in regional Tasmania, using resource from sustainably managed state owned forests.


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