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Public Access to Forest Practices Plans

Forest Practices Plans (FPPs) are an integral part of the forest practices system that regulates forestry in Tasmania, on both public and private land.

The system is administered by the independent statutory body, the Forest Practices Authority (FPA), and ensures that forest practices provide protection for the natural and cultural values of forests. For more information about the FPA, click  link - 

As part of the forest practices system, Forest Practices Plans are prepared to cover all forestry associated quarry activities, road construction, harvesting (including land clearing) and forest establishment operations in Tasmania.

FPPs are prepared by highly qualified Forest Practices Officers and other specialist staff employed by Forestry Tasmania. The plans cover all harvesting and forest establishment operations in Tasmania and associated activities such as quarries and road construction.

Public Access to plans
Forestry Tasmania complies with the requirements of the Forest Practices Authority in respect of public access to forest practices plans. Copies of plans are made available on request, after removal of any commercial-in-confidence information. These copies are at no cost to directly affected parties and cost recovery for indirectly or non-affected parties.

FPP Online Shop (now online)
The plans may be purchased for $20 each and are provided as unique download links that will be sent to your registered online shop email address. Forest Practices Plans can be accessed two ways, firstly via the 'Three Year Wood Production Plan' coupe lists, broken down into each of the four forestry districts (allows to preview a map of the plan area before purchase) or secondly by clicking directly onto the 'Online Shop' link below (no map or plan preview is provided in the shop listing).





Forestry Tasmania's Guidelines for Public Access to Forest Practices Plans provides guidance to staff dealing with requests for this information.

Open Guidelines for Public Access to Forest Practices Plans
Guidelines for Public Access to Forest Practices Plans

Huon District - Roland Freyer, phone
6295 7111

Derwent District - David White, phone
6235 8353

Bass District - Peter Bird, phone
6350 6466

Murchison District
Craig Butt, phone 6433 2666