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Department of Premier and Cabinet


Publications are available in the following areas:

PDF icon The publications on this page are Portable Document Format (PDF) files and require the use of Adobe Acrobat Reader. The Reader is easy to download and is free of charge.


Allowances for Elected Members - Report of a Board of Inquiry into review of councillor allowances - June 2008.PDF icon(PDF, 420KB)

Annual report guidelines - Good practice guidelines July 08 PDF icon(PDF, 194 KB)

By-law database

Local Government Division Annual Report PDF icon(PDF, 129KB)

Local Government related media releases

Women into Local Government - You can make a difference PDF icon(PDF, 1.44MB)

Information for women about local government and campaigning

Young people and local government:


Publications by the Local Government Board

Council reviews - published in relation to Local Government Board reviews including general reviews of councils and specific reviews of single and joint authorities of councils.

Review of Councillor Numbers Report (July 2012) can be viewed here.


Copping Refuse Disposal Site Joint Authority

Dulverton Regional Waste Management Authority

Cradle Coast Authority

Southern Tasmanian Councils Authority

Southern Waste Strategy Authority 

Annual Reports

Local Government Board Annual Report 2006-2007 - A report made to the Minister of the Board's activites for 2006-07 PDF icon(PDF, 324KB)

Local Government Board Annual Report 2005-2006 - A report made to the Minister of the Board's activities for 2005-06. The report identifies trends and examples of leading practice noted by the Board during its conduct of reviews PDF icon(PDF, 385KB)



Councillor support information

Access to information for councillors - Information sheet August 2013 PDF icon(PDF, 224 KB)

Compliance - Pecuniary interest; Misuse of office; Misuse of information Information sheet August 2013 PDF icon(PDF, 243 KB)

Council meeting procedures - Information sheet August 2013PDF icon(PDF, 344 KB)

Councillor allowances - Information sheet 1 November 2013PDF icon(PDF, 197 KB)

Director of Local Government and Local Government Division Information sheet August 2013PDF icon(PDF, 183 KB)

General manager - Information sheet August 2013PDF icon(PDF, 217 KB)

Pecuniary interest - Information sheet August 2013 PDF icon(PDF, 214 KB)

Representation to councillors - Information sheet August 2013PDF icon(PDF, 136 KB)

Role of elected members - Information sheet September 2013 PDF icon(PDF, 233 KB)

Also available:

The Local Government Association of Tasmania Councillor Resource Kit 2011 PDF icon(PDF, 632 KB)

Information for councils

Dilapidated Building legislation - Guidance for General Managers Department of Justice, released 24 January 2014 PDF icon(PDF, 414 KB)

Calculating penalties for late payment of rates - Information sheet December 2013PDF icon(PDF, 183 KB) 

Local Government Rates and Charges - Guidance paper for policy development - April 2012

Tasmanian Local Government Asset Management Policy - February 2012

Annual General Meetings - Good practice guideline August 2009

Annual Report Guidelines - Good practice guideline May 2010


National Competition Policy and Competitive Neutrality Principles

Statewide Directions Paper - Review of Council Recreational Vehicle Overnight Camping   Services (PDF, 849KB) - May 2012

Fact sheet - The provision of Council recreational vehicle camping services (PDF, 328KB) - May 2012

Community Service Obligations - CSOs policy and guidelines for local government PDF icon(PDF, 20KB)

Inter-governmental Agreement Establishing Principles to Guide Inter-Governmental Relations on Local Government Matters - an agreement the Tasmanian Government has entered into with the Commonwealth, other states and territories, and the Australian Local Government Association.PDF icon(PDF, 801KB)

Further information on Competitive Neutrality Principles can be found on the Office of the Tasmanian Economic Regulator webpage and also the following Tasmanian Government PDF documents:

Making by-laws

Making by-laws good practice guidelines - 1 - Part II of the Local Government Act 1993 PDF icon(PDF, 167KB)

Making by-laws good practice guidelines - 2 - Steps in making a by-law PDF icon(PDF, 139KB)

Making by-laws good practice guidelines - 3 - Regulatory impact statements / Section 156A Local Government Act 1993 PDF icon(PDF, 344KB)

Making by-laws good practice guidelines - 4 - Penalties and infringement notices - The Monetary Penalties Enforcement Act 2005

Making by-laws good practice guidelines - 5 - Tabling a law in parliament: requirements of the standing committee on subordinate legislation PDF icon(PDF, 169KB)

Making by-laws good practice guidelines - 6 - When a regulatory impact statement is not required PDF icon(PDF, 129KB)

Dog Control Act 2000

Information for owners and council officers (PDF, 148KB)

Information on microchipping dogs (PDF, 146KB)

Information on dangerous and restricted breed dogs (PDF, 184KB)

Local Government Elections 2011

Your role as a councillor and achieving good governance - information provided at the Local Government Association of Tasmania pre-election workshops from 6 - 9 June.


Publications on partnership agreements



Some earlier publications and annual reports have been archived to the Tasmanian Government electronic repository, STORS. Use the search function of the State Library of Tasmania catalogue to access these documents. You can contact the Local Government Division or email the DPAC Library for additional information.