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By-law directory

Council by-laws

A by-law is a law made by a council. By-laws must relate to the functions and powers of councils as established under the Local Government Act 1993 and can only apply to the municipal area of the council that has made the by-law.

Any enquiries regarding the operation of a by-law should be addressed to the relevant council.  The website for each council can be accessed in the local government directory here.

The power to make by-laws has been delegated to councils by the Tasmanian Parliament, which has prescribed a detailed process for making of by-laws (See Part 11 of Local Government Act 1993 Sections 145 to 174).

The procedure for making a by-law requires a draft of the by-law and an approved regulatory impact statement to be released for public comment. Additional information on the making of by-laws can be found on this website, and you may contact the Local Government Division with any further inquiries.

By-law directory

Under section 166 of the Local Government Act 1993 councils are required to display a sealed copy of all by-laws in force by the councils on the website of the council.  Under the Act a by-law automatically expires after 10 years after the date on which it takes effect. The details below, including expiry dates, are listed for general guidance only and should not be relied upon unless confirmed with the relevant council.

Break O'Day Council

CaravansExpires 13 April 2023

Brighton Council

Environmental HealthExpires 17 November 2014

Burnie City Council

HighwaysExpires 18 December 2023
ParkingExpires 14 March 2017
Refuse Collection and Waste ManagementExpires 14 March 2017
Street DiningExpires 30 September 2019
Public Reserves and Public BuildingsExpires 25 May 2021

Central Coast Council

This council does not have any current by-laws.

Central Highlands Council

This council does not have any current by-laws.

Circular Head Council 

This council does not have any current by-laws.

Clarence City Council 

Local Highways Standard RequirementsExpires 27 July 2014
Public Places and PermitsExpires December 2017
Refuse Storage Collection and DisposalExpires 23 December 2013
ServicesExpires 23 December 2013

Derwent Valley Council 

Street DiningExpires 14 October 2019
Waste ManagementExpires February 2014

Devonport City Council 

Car ParkingExpires 22 October 2013
Street TradingExpires 16 June 2020
Reserves, Parks and GardensExpires 21 February 2017

Dorset Council 

This council does not have any current by-laws. 

Flinders Council

This council does not have any current by-laws.

George Town Council

This council does not have any current by-laws.

Glamorgan-Spring Bay Council

Environmental HealthExpires 24 December 2018

Glenorchy City Council 

Environmental and Health ServicesExpires 19 January 2021

Hobart City Council 

Car Parks & ParkingExpires 19 August 2018
Health & Environmental ServicesExpires 28 October 2018
HighwaysExpires 26 August 2018
Hydraulic ServicesExpires 26 August 2018
Parks, Recreation and Natural AreasExpires 9 September 2018
Salamanca MarketExpires 26 May 2020

Huon Valley Council

CaravanExpires 21 September 2015
Council Land and Recreational FacilitiesExpires 2 May 2017
Roads (Local Highways)Expires 6 April 2015

Kentish Council 

BMX ParkExpires 22 March 2017
Reserves, Parks and GardensExpires 2022

King Island Council 

AerodromeExpires 23 May 2022

Kingborough Council

Marine Facilities

Expires 13 April 2021

Roads, Parking and Stormwater

Expires 10 August 2021

Parks, Recreation and Natural Areas

Expires 10 August 2021

Health and Environmental Services

Expires 10 August 2021

Latrobe Council 

Cat ManagementExpires 14 March 2016
CampingExpires 13 March 2017
HighwaysExpires 10 April 2016
Street DiningExpires 11 July 2022
Waste ManagementExpires 11 December 2016

Launceston City Council

MallsExpires 12 May 2020
ParkingExpires 10 July 2023
Reserves, Parks and Gardens    Expires 4 November 2019
Swimming CentresExpires 15 April 2019
Trade WasteExpires 28 September 2015
York Park Stadium           Expires 23 May 2017

Meander Valley Council

This council does not have any current by-laws.

Northern Midlands Council 

Display of Goods on a HighwayExpires 3 February 2020
Freestanding Sign Expires 3 February 2020
On Street DiningExpires 3 February 2020
Water ConservationExpires 28 March 2017

Sorell Council 

Environmental HealthExpires 23 December 2023

Southern Midlands Council

This council does not have any current by-laws.

Tasman Council

This council does not have any current by-laws.

Waratah-Wynyard Council 

This council does not have any current by-laws 

West Coast Council

ParkingExpires 29 November 2016
Street Dining     Expires 6 September 2016

West Tamar Council 

This council does not have any current by-laws

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