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Department of Premier and Cabinet

Measuring your council's sustainability

2011-12 Sustainability Objectives and Indicators Report

The 2011-12 Sustainability Objectives and Indicators Report was noted by the Premier's Local Government Council (PLGC) at its May 2013 meeting.  The Report provides a summary of Tasmanian council's performance in terms of financial management, asset management and planning and development.  The Report can be downloaded here(PDF, 1187KB). 

Project background

At its December 2011 meeting, the PLGC agreed to a set of indicators that will be used to measure Local Government performance.  The indicators measure council performance in the following areas:

  • financial management;
  • asset management;
  • land-use planning; and
  • community satisfaction.

A detailed summary of the indicators (PDF, 159KB) is available to download, as well as further information on the background to the project (PDF, 498KB).

The PLGC has overseen the development of the indicators with the view that measuring council performance against indicators will:

  1. improve performance management at the local council level;
  2. develop a culture of continuous improvement in the Local Government sector; and
  3. provide a tool to build a sustainable Local Government Sector.

State of the local government sector

In May 2012 a series of presentations were held on the last 10 years of local government data collected from the Local Government Division data collection process.  A copy of the State of the Sector Presentation can be downloaded here.

Data management

Data for the sustainability indicators and the state of the local government presentation is collected through the annual consolidated data collection and the bi-annual Local Government Association of Tasmania Statewide Community Survey.  The Local Government Division has developed a Data Management Plan to formalise arrangements, policies, procedures and rules governing the collection, management and use of data collected through the consolidated data collection.  The Data Management Plan can be downloaded here(PDF,530KB).