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Department of Premier and Cabinet

Tasmanian Climate Change Office

Contact Details

By phone
Contact the Tasmanian Climate Change Office on 03 6232 7173 or Service Tasmania on 1300 135 513.

Our staff
Use the Tasmanian Government Directory to find staff contact details

About us

Who we are

The Tasmanian Climate Change Office (TCCO) is a small, dynamic team established within the Department of Premier and Cabinet to lead the Government’s efforts to respond to the challenges of climate change in Tasmania. We report directly to the Deputy Secretary of the Department and through him, to the Minister for Climate Change.

You can contact the Tasmanian Climate Change Office via:

Phone: (03) 6232 7173




Tasmanian Climate Change Office
Department of Premier and Cabinet
GPO Box 123

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Our vision

Tasmania is recognised as being sustainable, equitable and connected.

Our objectives

The TCCO will empower Tasmanians to:

  1. reduce their greenhouse gas emissions
  2. adapt to the changes in our climate
  3. enhance the resilience of our communities and natural systems
  4. make a successful transition to a low carbon future
  5. capture new opportunities that a changing climate will provide
  6. contribute to national and global solutions

What we do


  • collaborates with Tasmanian Government Agencies to deliver outcomes
  • develops climate change policy and manages key programs
  • stimulates innovation by challenging current practice and asking ‘what if/what else?’
  • applies an objective, evidence-based approach to policy development
  • forms partnerships with other organisations to deliver outcomes
  • coordinates and facilitates action across Government and the community
  • connects people to other sources of advice and information

Our values

Professional: we aim for excellence and act with integrity and impartiality.

Accountable: we are focused on achieving our objectives, open to questioning and responsible for our actions.

Collaborative: we respect and value the expertise of others and seek to work in partnership.

Supportive: we provide a workplace that fosters mutual respect, open communication and trust, and we offer flexible conditions as we recognise that we each have personal and family commitments outside of work.

Connected to the community: we seek to understand and engage with the community and our key stakeholders.

Forward looking: we are proactive and strategic so we can be prepared for future needs, identify opportunities and encourage innovation.

How do we determine when to get involved?

The TCCO will have many opportunities and requests for involvement in climate change activities across government and the Tasmanian community. We will determine when to become involved in an activity based on the following criteria:

  1. Is it consistent with what we do?
  2. Is it consistent with our priorities?
  3. Does it help to meet one or more of our objectives?
  4. Does it meet the Minister’s objectives?
  5. What resources (including financial) are required?
  6. Does it provide an opportunity to improve/increase the profile of the Government’s initiatives and/or the Office?
  7. Does it reach a significant number or the certain type of people we want to influence?
  8. Is the TCCO the most appropriate government organisation to participate?
  9. Does it represent value for money, time and resources?
  10. Will our effort add value to the outcomes?
  11. Does it demonstrate an innovative approach to climate change?
  12. Do the benefits of participating outweigh the risks?
  13. Are there other policy benefits in participating?