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Service Tasmania Customer Survey 2012

Service Tasmania regularly surveys its customers to measure their satisfaction. Read a snapshot of the latest survey results below or read the full report:

Service Tasmania regularly undertakes surveys to measure customer satisfaction.

In recent years an online methodology has been adopted, and customers of Service Tasmania shops, telephone contact centre and Service Tasmania Online are invited to participate. Customers were made aware of the survey through posters, postcards, verbal invitation and through a link on the website. Shop customers were also offered a mail-back card option which could be completed and posted back to Service Tasmania at no cost to the participant.

The survey ran for two weeks, from the end of May 2012 until early June.

1 073 completed responses were received, the vast majority of which came from the shop network. More than 860 mail-back cards were returned to Service Tasmania for data entry. Just over 20 responses were made by recent phone or online users.

The majority of respondents (63%) completed the survey on the day of service – meaning recall of the experience was high.

The most common reasons for contact with Service Tasmania remain paying government bills (29.7%), registering a car (24%), or renewing a licence (20.5%). Most people indicated that they usually preferred to access government services through a shop, however as the majority of survey respondents were shop users this is not a surprising outcome.

Reasons given for not using an alternative service delivery channel included lack of computer knowledge or access, and simply preferring face to face contact. In some cases respondents stated that the service they required was not available online.

Satisfaction with Service Tasmania continued to be high, with an overall satisfaction rate of 95.5%. Customers were also satisfied or very satisfied with the timeliness (93.6%), and accessibility of the service (95.4%).

The expectations of customers were either met or exceeded for 98.1% of all respondents.

Agreement with positive statements related to their customer service experience, also continued to be very high for shop users. Particularly high agreement scores were achieved against sentiments such as ‘I was treated fairly’ (96%), or ‘I was fully informed of what I had to do’ (94.2%). Phone and online agreement statements were lower, but with the vastly inferior sample numbers a single disagreement could significantly impact the overall result.

Overall the results continue to reflect the high regard with which Service Tasmania is viewed by customers.