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The Partnership Agreement between the Tasmanian Government and the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) sets out the arrangements for ABS provision of statistical services to the Tasmanian Government. Under this agreement a strategic outpost from the ABS was established in 2011 to identify the Tasmanian Government’s information needs and current barriers to achieving these needs.

Following consultation with agencies, it was agreed that a statistical framework for the Tasmanian Government should be developed for consideration by Cabinet.

Consultation was undertaken with a range of State Government stakeholders to develop the Stats Matter Strategy and strong support for the Strategy was shown. The Strategy was endorsed by Cabinet in June 2013.

The Vision

The Stats Matter vision is for better government decisions informed by quality data and sound statistical practice for the benefit of all Tasmanians.

The Stats Matter Strategy is being implemented to improve the way data is produced, managed, reported and used across the Tasmanian Government.

Implementation of the Stats Matter Strategy will support effective decision making, improve demonstrable accountability and help achieve enduring government outcomes.


The Strategy

The Stats Matter Strategy has been developed to build government statistical assets and capability.


The Stats Matter team publishes an eBulletin that provides up to date information about current and planned activities.

Further information

Contact details for the Office of eGovernment, Department of Premier and Cabinet, for more information or to provide input to the Stats Matter Strategy.

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