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Fees and Payments


Current fee schedule from the 1 July 2013 for the following: 

Incorporated association - Association Incorporation Act 1964

Application for registration


Annual return  (if lodged within 6 months)


Annual return  (if lodged after 6 months but before 7 months)


Annual return  (if lodged after 7 months)


Certificate of incorporation


Association extract


Photocopies per page 


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Security licence - Security and Investigations Agents Act 2002

Employee licence


Agent - individual licence


Agent - body corporate licence


Trainer licence 


Amend registered details


Exemption to display identity card


Inspection of register


Temporary licence 


Additional fees applied by other organisations as part of the security licence process

Conveyancing licence - Conveyancing Act 2004

Application to for a conveyancing licence


Inspection of register of conveyancers


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Cooperatives - Cooperatives Act 1999

Application for approval of draft disclosure statement [section 16]


Application for approval of proposed rules [section 17]  $146.00 
Application for registration of proposed cooperative [section 18]  $146.00 
Issue of duplicate certificate [section 33]  $36.50 
Application for approval of alteration to rules [section 105] - $14.60 per rule to a maximum of 100  $14.60 
Application for registration of rule alteration [section 108(2)]  $36.50 
Filing of annual report [section 249] $73.00 
File search [item 56 (sections 433 (1)(a) and (b)]  $15.84 

View full 2013 cooperative fee schedule 


Motor vehicle trader licence - Motor Vehicle Traders Act 2011

Application for a motor vehicle trader licence


Issue a licence


Replacement of a licence  $29.20

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Travel agents licence - Travel Agents Act 1987


Principal location

 Branch location

Application fee



Licence fee / annual licence fee



Amend a current licence



Issue a duplicate certificate



Late fee (annual licence payment)


  • Travel agent fees and associated transactions are GST exempt
  • A licence fee is paid annually as well as part of an initial application
  • CAFT travel agent fees increase annually in line with the Fee Units Act 1997 and are adjusted to fall due on 1 July
Additional fees applied by other organisations as part of the travel agent licensing process


Please refer to the individual form or invoice for payment method information

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