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Mobile phones


It is important that you understand your rights and responsibilities when purchasing a mobile phone or entering into a contract for mobile services.  Make sure you read and fully understand the contract and its terms before you sign and keep a copy for your own personal records.


If you are experiencing problems with a mobile phone contact the trader for issues relating to the handset or the service provider for issues relating to the service. 



Frequently Asked Questions:


My mobile phone is faulty and is under warranty.  Am I entitled to a loan phone while it is being repaired?


Answer:  Traders are not obligated to offer a loan or replacement phone while your phone is being repaired.  However, some traders may offer this service as part of their in-store policy.


My phone was sent away to be looked at under warranty.  It's come back and the manufacturer claims it has been immersed in water or exposed to moisture.  This didn't happen.  What can I do?


Answer:  If you want to dispute the findings, you need to obtain an independent report on the phone to show it is faulty and has not been misused or abused. 


Do I have to continue to pay my monthly plan while my phone is being repaired?


Answer:  This will depend on the terms and conditions of your contract.


How many times can a manufacturer attempt to repair a phone before a replacement or refund should be provided?


Answer:  The legislation does not give the manufacturer a specific number of attempts or a timeframe for repairs.  However, if a mobile phone continues to fail within the warranty period or cannot be repaired within a reasonable timeframe it is not unreasonable for a customer to request a replacement phone or refund from the trader. 



Who else can assist me with my mobile phone problems?


Consumer Affairs and Fair Trading provides a telephone advisory service.  If you are unable to resolve the problem yourself, please contact us.


The Telecommunication Industry Ombudsman (TIO) is a free and independent dispute resolution service.  The TIO can assist with:


  • billing and overcharging for calls, services(including the internet) and unordered products;
  • contracts relating to telecommunication services;
  • faults, directory assistance, operator and mobile services; and
  • printed and electronic white pages.


For further information contact the Telecommunication Industry Ombudsman or phone 1800 062 058.