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Premium Seafood, Salmon, Ocean Trout, Shellfish

Tasmania produces more seafood by value than any other Australian state and has an international reputation for quality. The 'beach value' of all fisheries exceeds $500m, with the fast-growing Atlantic salmon industry outstripping the total of all other fisheries in value for the first time in 2007. The 'beach value' of farmed salmon was $277.7 million. The state of islands is the world's largest supplier of wild abalone, producing 25 per cent of total global production. There is an emerging abalone aquaculture sector. In 2006-07, abalone accounted for $95.93 million of total seafood exports of $151.59 million. 

In 'beach value' terms, abalone was the next most valuable species after salmon at $112.4m, followed by rock lobster and crab $61.3m; oysters $16.3m; octopus and squid $2.4m; mussels $2.2m; with other species contributing a further $7.6m.

Tasmania‚Äôs seafood platter can include fresh and smoked salmon, large and cocktail-sized abalone, sweet-fleshed  rock lobsters, sea trout, oysters, blue mussels, scallops, smoked eel, salmon caviar, sea urchin roe, octopus and squid, along with a range of outstanding scale fish from the unpolluted Southern Ocean. The wild catch may include bluefin and yellow-fin tuna, blue eye (travalla), orange roughy, blue grenadier, pink ling and many others.

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