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National Electricity Rules: Current Rules

National Electricity Rules

The National Electricity Rules govern the operation of the National Electricity Market. The Rules have the force of law, and are made under the National Electricity Law. Copies of the National Electricity Rules are available for inspection at the AEMC's office in Sydney. The National Electricity Law can be found at the South Australian Legislation website.

The current consolidated version of the Rules is Version 60, incorporating:

• Schedule 5 of the National Electricity Amendment (Distribution Network Planning and Expansion Framework) Rule 2012 No. 5

• National Electricity Amendment (Victorian jurisdictional derogation, advanced metering infrastructure) Rule 2013 No. 7

• National Electricity Amendment (Negative offers from Scheduled Network Service Providers) Rule 2013 No. 8

Rules version: 60 Commencement date: 1-Jan-14
  • Download the current Rules PDF RTF
  • National Electricity Rules Version 60 14694KB
  • Coversheet & contents 482KB 944KB
  • Chapter 1: Introduction 212KB 526KB
  • Chapter 2: Registered Participants and Registration 340KB 824KB
  • Chapter 2A: Regional Structure 254KB 612KB
  • Chapter 3: Market Rules 1578KB 10286KB
  • Chapter 4: Power System Security 544KB 1301KB
  • Chapter 5: Network Connection, Planning and Expansion 1418KB
  • Chapter 5A: Electricity Connection for Retail Customers 304KB 742KB
  • Chapter 6: Economic Regulation of Distribution Service 721KB 1549KB
  • Chapter 6A: Economic Regulation of Transmission Services 850KB 1741KB
  • Chapter 6B: Retail Markets 258KB 639KB
  • Chapter 7: Metering 657KB 2967KB
  • Chapter 8: Administrative Functions 387KB 886KB
  • Chapter 8A: Participant Derogations 62KB 449KB
  • Chapter 9: Jurisdictional Derogations and Transitional Arrangements 542KB 1189KB
  • Chapter 10: Glossary 690KB 1880KB
  • Chapter 11: Savings and Transitional Rules 1439KB 3112KB