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Index to Wills & Letters of Administration from 1824-1989

The Wills Index contains references to four different sorts of documents: wills (record series AD960), letters of administration recording the granting of probate (AD961), Tasmanian 'reseals' (AD962) and 'elections to administer' small intestate estates (AD963). For definitions of these documents, click on the 'series created by agency' links in Tasmanian Archives Online here. You will find descriptive notes about these and other related records in the brief guide series as well as examples of the terminology used in probate documents over various periods of time.

COPIES OF WILLS (AD960) AND LETTERS OF ADMINISTRATION (AD961), TASMANIAN 'RESEALS' (AD962) and 'ELECTIONS TO ADMINISTER' SMALL INTESTATE ESTATES (AD963) UP TO 1989 HAVE BEEN DIGITISED AND ARE NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE. To view a digitised record, search the index by name and then click on the 'will number' link in the 'search results' screen.

The documents which have been digitised are not the originals. They are copies of the wills and letters of administration which were transcribed by Probate Registry staff into registers. In some cases the age, shades of colour and quality of ink make the documents difficult to read, even in their original form. Please notify the Tasmanian Archive and Heritage Office about images which are difficult to read for these reasons. We will endeavour to replace them with enhanced copies if the request is legitimate and if a better copy can be achieved.

You may make copies of these digitised records for private research and study. If you want to use them in any other way you must seek permission from the Tasmanian Archive and Heritage Office.
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