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  • Name indexes - the Tasmanian Archive and Heritage Office has developed indexes to some records which contain information about individuals.

Digitised card indexes

  • Pretyman Index - for information about the origins of Tasmanian place names.
  • Wayn Index - an index to colonial Tasmanian Government records and colonial newspapers compiled by Amelia Lucy Wayn during the period from the 1920s to 1940s.
  • Tasmanian Index (to Newspapers and Journals) 1966-1994
  • Tasmanian Index (to Newspapers and Journals) 1994-2010
  • Whitfeld Index - a selective index of personal names found in Tasmanian colonial newspapers, 1816-1900. There are a few entries for the years after 1900. The main emphasis is on the names of members of early settler and eminent families, though the scope is sometimes wider. The main data recorded are for births, deaths and marriages, wills and bequests, land grants and property sales. There is a small subsection of topical and geographic subject entries. Mostly applicable to Northern Tasmania.
  • Artists Index - an index of Tasmanian visual artists (not including craftspeople) represented in one-person and group exhibitions of which catalogues (some of which remain uncatalogued) are held in the TAHO collection.

Related items

  • Tasmanian film and video database - provides descriptive information about films and videos produced by or for Tasmanian government organisations and some private individuals.  Items from government sources include footage of Tasmanian places and events, training films, promotional / documentary material and some cinema release feature films. Material deposited by private individuals includes amateur productions and documentaries, and 'home movies' showing life, events and places in Tasmania.

  • Tasmanian public works index - covers all public works that were approved by the Tasmanian Parliament to commence construction during the indicated year, 1877 - 1935