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The benefits will be different according to your personal circumstances and aspirations, and what kind of relationship you are in.

A Deed of Relationship is important for certifying that a relationship exists

This can be particularly important in emergency situations where one partner in a personal relationship may find it necessary to prove they have a legal right to make important medical decisions for the other partner.

Registration may also be useful in proving the existence of a relationship when dealing with government agencies.

The Federal Government recognises relationships registered in Tasmania, for example, in areas like taxation, medical benefits, family law and workplace entitlements.

A Tasmanian Deed of Relationship can make an important contribution to proving the existence of a relationship in these circumstances.

A Deed of Relationship gives immediate access to relationship rights

Under Tasmanian law, personal relationships have virtually the same rights as married couples.

All personal relationships are recognised for purposes such as wills, property division, guardianship, health care, statutory compensation schemes, state taxes, fees and licenses, and state superannuation and pension schemes.

Partners in significant or caring relationships who do not register might only be able to access these rights if they fulfil certain criteria. For example, they may have to prove that their relationship is of some duration and may have involved cohabitation, joint property ownership, financial interdependence or commitment to a shared life together.

In contrast, partners who register their relationship are not required to fulfil any other criteria or pass any other legal tests before they qualify for relationship rights.

Registration means immediate access to all these rights regardless of such factors as the duration of the relationship, financial interdependence or cohabitation.

A Deed of Relationship provides access to federal as well as state entitlements

In 2007 the Federal Parliament extended the definition of de facto partner to include same-sex partners. As a part of this reform, state and territory deeds of relationship are in most cases recognised as proof of the existence of a de facto relationship.

This means that partners in Tasmanian Deeds of Relationship have immediate and guaranteed access to most of the entitlements available to same-sex partners in federal law. There is no need for them to prove the existence of the relationship like partners in an unregistered relationship.


Registering a relationship may in some circumstances allow the couple to apply to adopt a child. For more information on the laws applying to adoption refer to the Adoption Information Service, Department of Health and Human Services.

Foreign Recognition

Registered couples in a significant relationship may be recognised as being in an official union in some of those foreign countries which have civil union or registered partnership laws, because of the recognition of their relationship.