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The Tasmanian forest industry planned burning program, which includes both burning for forest regeneration, and burning for property protection generally commences in mid-March if conditions are suitable.

The map showing the burns which the Tasmanian forest industry plans to light today is updated daily between 10:00am and 10:05 am. The information shown may be updated at other times durning each day if circumstances change. The date and time of the last update is shown beneath the map.

The map showing the burns which Forestry Tasmania has alight at present is updated at 5 minute intervals between 7:00am and 7:00pm. The data and time of the last update is shown beneath the map.

The Coordinated Smoke Management Strategy developed by the Forest Practices Authority is being used by the Tasmanian forest industry.

As of 2011 all smoke complaints are being received and investigated by the Environment Protection Authority, a Division of the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and Environment.

If you wish to lodge a complaint about smoke, call 1800 005 171 or contact the Environment Protection Authority at Air, Smoke and Odour Complaints. Your input will help to improve smoke management.

Forest Regeneration
Fire is an important part of the life cycle of eucalypts. In nature most eucalypt species require the disturbance provided by fire to regenerate. Eucalypt seeds and seedlings need a mineral soil seedbed, abundant sunlight and reduced competition from other plants to establish and grow. In nature this situation is provided by a major wildfire. Tasmanian forest managers mimic nature by using fire in a planned and controlled way to re-establish healthy fast growing trees after harvesting.
(Facts about Forest Regeneration Burning)