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National Terrorism Public Alert Level

The National Terrorism Public Alert System is a range of four levels that communicate an assessed risk of terrorist threat to Australia.

The four levels are:

  • Low - terrorist attack is not expected
  • Medium – terrorist attack could occur
  • High – terrorist attack is likely
  • Extreme – terrorist attack is imminent or has occurred

The National Terrorism Public Alert System guides national preparation and planning. It also dictates levels of precaution and vigilance to minimise the risk of a terrorist incident occurring.

The Australian Government regularly reviews alert levels.

For Australia’s current level of alert, see the National Terrorism Public Alert Level website.

Terrorism Attacks – what you should do

A terrorism attack could take many forms.

Emergency services participate in an extensive training and exercise regime to ensure they are well-prepared to respond to any terrorist attack.

In a terrorism incident, it’s important that you follow all instructions, warnings and advice from emergency services.

Being prepared

It’s important to be aware that in a terrorist attack, critical supplies such as electricity, water or food may be affected. There could be significant road closures or transport limitations. Telephone services could be difficult to access.

Preparing an emergency kit is a good idea. It should include:

  • A battery-operated or wind-up radio;
  • A battery-operated or wind-up torch;
  • Spare batteries;
  • A first aid kit;
  • Rubber gloves and strong leather or garden gloves;
  • Mobile phone and charger;
  • A waterproof bag or container;
  • A good supply of medicines and prescriptions;
  • Strong shoes or boots;
  • A copy of your emergency plan;
  • Special items for any vulnerable people, such as babies or the disabled; and
  • Enough non-perishable food and water for every person (and pets).

How you can help

If you see or hear anything suspicious, call the National Security Hotline on 1800 123 400.

For more information, visit