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Nation Building 2 Submission 2012

Nation Building is the Australian Government's major transport funding program for all States. The Program focuses on Australia's major freight and passenger corridors, and on projects that deliver significant productivity, efficiency and connectivity improvements.

The overarching objective of Nation Building 2 is to lift Australia's productivity through nationally significant land transport infrastructure.

The current Nation Building Program ends in 2013-14 with all States required to negotiate a new agreement with the Australian Government as part of a Nation Building 2 (2014-15 to 2018-19) bid.

The Tasmanian Government has submitted a total of 22 proposals for consideration under the Nation Building 2 Program, at a combined value of $895 million. An additional four projects were submitted as concept ahead of a full submission in 2013/14.

The projects identified:

  • target infrastructure weaknesses on major freight and passenger corridors to improve efficiency and safety outcomes;
  • provide low-cost solutions to enhance urban accessibility through key public transport infrastructure and system upgrades, together with new, active transport linkages;
  • support the completion of all assessments, approvals and land acquisition for projects in their final stages of planning; and
  • set the framework for long-term investment in Tasmania's freight and passenger system through a series of strategic planning studies.

Together, the projects represent an integrated package that appropriately combines infrastructure and non-infrastructure solutions to deliver improved efficiency, safety and accessibility across the transport system, benefiting Tasmanian industry and the community. The projects are consistent with the Tasmanian Government's stated objectives for the State's transport system, and with commonwealth and state frameworks informing development of the system.

Nation Building 2 has four key themes; Moving Freight, Connecting People, Safety and Innovation. The map below provides a summary of the proposals submitted by the Tasmanian Government under each of these themes.

IA map
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