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Huon Highway Corridor Road Strategy

A 30 year strategy for the Huon Highway based on current and future business and community needs

Huon Highway Corridor

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What Stage Are We Up To?

Phase 3 - a prioritised list of road improvement projects

The key issues and opportunities for improvement of the Huon Highway corridor identified by stakeholders from the Huon Valley Community, Huon Valley Council, Industry Groups and DIER have been put through the rigour of a Multi criteria Analysis (MCA) and a Value for Money Assessment (VMA) process.  The results of which are the following list of prioritised project opportunities:

Passing Opportunity Projects

Project No.



Somers Straight sight distance improvements


Scotts Road junction pullover area


Northbound slow vehicle passing lane south of Hopetoun Rd


Southbound overtaking lane north of Swamp Rd junction


Southbound slow vehicle passing lane north of Hopetoun Rd


Northbound overtaking lane north of Castle Forbes Bay

Junction/ Access Improvement Projects

Project No.



BAR treatment Jacksons Road Junction


Increase set-back to safety barrier Arve Rd junction


BAR treatment Sacred Heart School access


BAR treatment Palmers Rd junction north


Improve BAR width Esperance Coast Rd Junction


Sight distance improvements Shipwrights Point access


Priority change Hastings Caves Rd junction


Church St junction roundabout

Road Width and Curve Related Improvement Projects

Project No.



Shoulder Sealing - Port Huon (South) to Arve Rd


Shoulder Sealing - Huonville Sth to Swamp Rd


Shoulder Sealing - Swamp Rd to Castle Forbes Rd


Shoulder Sealing - Castle Forbes Rd to Port Huon (South)

What's Next?

Phase 4 - Concept Development and Cost Estimates

1 Concept Designs and cost estimates will be undertaken for the following projects:

  • Shoulder sealing from Port Huon to Arve Road (project would include the BAR treatment at Sacred Heart School and increasing the setback to safety barrier at Arve Road junction).
  • Shoulder sealing from Huonville to north of Swamp Road (this project would finish at the location where we propose to commence the south bound overtaking lane).
  • BAR treatment at the Jacksons Road junction.
  • Improving the BAR width at Esperance Coast Road junction.

Strategic Cost Estimates will be undertaken for the following projects:

  • Scotts Road junction pullover area.
  • Northbound slow vehicle passing lane, south of Hopetoun Road (Glendevie).
  • Southbound slow vehicle passing lane, north of Hopetoun Road (Glendevie).
  • Southbound overtaking lane, north of Swamp Road (Franklin).
  • Northbound overtaking lane, north of Castle Forbes Bay.
  • Sight distance improvements at Shipwrights Point access.
  • Priority changes at Hastings Caves Road junction.
  • Church Street junction (Dover) - roundabout.
  • Shoulder sealing - Swamp Road to Castle Forbes Bay Road (taking into account the current shoulder sealing DIER is undertaking from south of Braeside to Fleutys Road and the proposed right turn facility at Braeside Road - to be undertaken later this year).
  • Shoulder sealing - Castle Forbes Bay Road to Port Huon.


The area included is from south of the bridge at Huonville to Southport and includes Scotts Road.


To develop a prioritised list of road improvement projects within the road corridor for the next 30 years that will:

  • Improve road safety
  • Provide a more consistent traffic environment along the road corridor
  • Improve transport efficiency and overtaking opportunities

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