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About Us - Office of Energy Planning and Conservation


Tasmanians continue to enjoy safe, reliable, secure, competitively priced supplies of energy, supplied efficiently and sustainably, and used wisely.

The Office of Energy Planning and Conservation:

  • Provides advice to the Minister for Energy and Resources in regards to his portfolio responsibilities relating to the Tasmanian and national energy sector.

  • Supports the Director of Energy Planning in meeting responsibilities specified in the Energy Co-ordination and Planning Act 1995.  The Director's principal duties are to assist the Minister for Energy and Resources in relation to the provision of energy in Tasmania, and advising the Minister for Energy and Resources on all aspects of energy policy.

  • Supports the statutory position of the Jurisdictional System Security Coordinator. The Jurisdictional System Security Coordinator has particular responsibilities for ensuring preparedness of the Tasmanian entities to manage electricity supply emergencies.

  • Helps to maintain an efficient and effective regulatory structure for Tasmanian energy.

  • Administers relevant energy legislation as assigned under Administrative Orders.

  • Actively represents Tasmania's interests in national energy policy development and in ongoing reforms and development of the regulatory and market framework for Australia's electricity and gas sectors.

  • Facilitates high level planning designed to respond to any major disruption to supplies in Tasmanian electricity, gas or petroleum products.

  • Undertakes monitoring, research and analysis on energy matters.

  • Provides authoritative information on Tasmanian energy matters.

  • Administers assigned programs, projects and major initiatives.

The OEPC currently consists of 10 staff, and has an annual operating budget of just over $1 million.