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RTI Publication Scheme

Our publication scheme identifies major classes of information where the department routinely makes information available that may be of interest to the public.  DIER aims to give the community greater access to information and promote the principles of the Right to information Act 2009.

Our publication scheme

Information in our publication scheme is grouped in the following categories:

  1. Corporate information
  2. Road Safety Policies and Publications
  3. Vehicle Standards
  4. Registration and Licensing
  5. Roads and Traffic Policies and Publications
  6. Roads and Traffic Major Projects
  7. Infrastructure Strategy
  8. Passenger Transport
  9. Energy, Planning and Conservation
  10. Racing
  11. Mineral Resources
  12. Forests

Some DIER information is already published on other Government websites such as the Department of Treasury and Finance Tenders Website.


The Tasmanian Government is committed to making information accessible to all members of the Tasmanian community. DIER's preferred method of making information available is through the Internet. Should you be unable to access information through the Internet, options are available to provide it to you in an alternate format suitable to your needs. If a person chooses a more costly method of accessing the information, they may be required to pay for accessing the information by that method.

If you cannot access a document provided on the DIER Website because it is in an unfamiliar format email us ( and let us know which document you are trying to access and the format in which you wish to receive the document and we will respond to your request.