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Contact List for access to information

DIER aims to give the community greater access to information and promote the principles of the Right to Information Act 2009 in delivering its services to the community. If you have an enquiry regarding information that is not already available through our website or existing publications we encourage you to contact the staff below who will be able to assist you with your enquiry.

Members of Parliament are to direct their enquiries to:

Right to Information Officer Alison Lander, 03 6166 3293


Media enquiries are to be directed to:

Corporate Affairs Branch
Karen Murray-Cox 03 6166 3217


Members of the public may direct their enquiries to:

Roads and Traffic

Transport Infrastructure Services: Janine Armstrong (Executive Officer) 03 6233 3013 
State Roads:

  • Roads Program (road and bridge construction and re-construction works)
  • Road and Bridge Maintenance (mowing, litter, potholes, drainage, reseal works)
  • Traffic Signals
  • Road Signs (direction signs)
  • Stakeholder Engagement (public displays and advice on current and future road works)
  • Road, Bridge and Traffic Data
  • Project Planning and Concept Design
  • Development applications and access onto roads
  • Standard road works specifications
  • Road and bridge condition management
  • Land acquisition and general property matters

All Tasmanian Roads:

  • Speed zones
  • Fatal crash investigation
  • Tourism signs
  • Rail level crossings
  • Approval of traffic management devices (roundabouts, signs, speed humps etc)

Local Government Roads:

  • Line marking and signs


Land Transport Safety: Penny Nicholls (General Manager) 03 6233 5220

Infrastructure Strategy Division: Sonya Delacey (Manager Support Services) 03 6233 2169

Passenger Transport: Anna Whitty (Administration Officer) 03 6233 5485

Energy, Planning & Conservation: Melissa Hyland (Executive Officer) 03 6233 2009

Corporate Services: Marnie Peebles (Executive Assistant) 03 6166 3289

Mineral Resources: Naomi Rahe (Executive Assistant) 03 6233 8343

Racing Services Tasmania: Glenda Attenborrow (Executive Officer) 03 6336 2489

Forestry Policy: Andrew Blakesley (Director Forest Policy) 03 6233 3567 

Private Forests Tasmania: Jeff Battersby (Finance and Admin Manager) 03 6336 5298