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Taxi and Luxury Hire Cars

What does it cost to catch a Taxi?

  • Taxi fares are set by the Government. The Government reviews fares based on changes in taxi operating costs. After each review the Minister decides whether or not fares will change.

Understanding Taxis and Luxury Hire Cars

  • Taxis and luxury hire cars are an important part of Tasmania's passenger transport system. Unlike buses, which transport large numbers of people over set routes at regular times, taxis and luxury hire cars take up to four passengers (or more in maxi taxis) directly to where they want to go, when they want to go.

Review of Wheelchair Accessible Taxi (WAT) Fares and Subsidies

  • A wheelchair accessible taxi is a taxi that has been modified to carry passengers in wheelchairs. WATs are larger than sedans and have ramps or hoists so that a wheelchair can be put into the taxi.

Review of Taxi Industry Legislation

  • In November 2011 Parliament passed a number of amendments to the Act. This was part of a broad package of legislation that will see the current Passenger Transport Act 1997 replaced by the new Passenger Transport Services Act 2011 from 1 July 2013.

Review of Taxi Licence Release Arrangements (and associated issues)

  • The Department has engaged KPMG to undertake a review of the licence release arrangement that have been in place since the Taxi and Luxury Hire Car Act 2008 came into force. That legislation was brought in to reform the arrangements that were in place prior to 2008, with a view to meeting a range of policy objectives.