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Who We Are

David O'Byrne MP



David O'Byrne MP, Minister for Infrastructure

As Minister for Infrastructure, Mr O'Byrne has Ministerial responsibility for policy and budgetary decisions affecting Tasmania's road and bridge network and road safety.

Mr O'Byrne also has responsibility for some Government Business Enterprises (GBEs) and State-owned Companies (SOCs) and Statutory Boards.


Bryan Green


Bryan Green MP, Minister for Energy and Resources, Minister for Racing

DIER supports the Minister in fulfilling his role as Minister for Energy and Resources. In this capacity he has responsibility for policy and budgetary decisions affecting Forestry, Energy and Mineral Resources.

Mr Green also has responsibility for some Government Business Enterprises (GBEs and State-owned Companies (SOCs) and Statutory Boards.

As Minister for Racing, Mr Green has responsibility for Racing Services Tasmania which administers stewardship, registration, licensing, integrity controls and bookmaker activities covering all three codes of racing in Tasmania, thoroughbred, harness and greyhound. He also has responsibility for TOTE Tasmania.


Nick McKim


Nick McKim MP, Minister for Sustainable Transport

DIER supports the Minister in fulfilling his role as Minister for Sustainable Transport.

This is a newly created ministry and in this capacity Mr McKim has responsibility for policy and budgetary decisions in this area to ensure that the Tasmanian economy grows in a sustainable way.



Norm Mcilfatrick



Norm McIlfatrick, Secretary

As Secretary of the Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources (DIER), Norm McIlfatrick heads a diverse agency and its strategic direction. He is responsible for ensuring that Tasmania is represented at a National and International level with transport, infrastructure, energy and resource related issues.

Norm leads a results-focused team that covers a wide range of functions, including: Infrastructure Policy and Planning, Roads and Traffic, Land Transport Safety, Energy Planning and Conservation, Mineral Resources, Forest Practices, Private Forests and Racing Services.

Before taking up this appointment, Norm was the Secretary of the Department of Economic Development and Tourism (DEDT) and CEO of the Tasmanian Development Board.

He was previously Managing Director of Aurora Energy and a management consultant with PA Consulting, where he carried out major national and international assignments. Norm has broad experience in senior management including customer service, sales, marketing, engineering services and strategic planning including roles with electricity utility Powercor Australia and the Hydro-Electric Commission in Tasmania.




Gary Swain, Deputy Secretary (Strategy & Policy Group)

Provides leadership in relation to DIER's policy responsibilities for energy and resources and infrastructure. Provides strategic advice to the Secretary and Minister on policy and strategy matters across the Agency on an as needed basis. Fulfills statutory responsibilities as the Director of Energy and Jurisdictional System Security Co-ordinator.

Participates as a member of the Executive Group in setting Departmental direction. Exercises routine powers of the Secretary for ongoing administration of the Department. Represents the Agency in whole-of-government and national forums.




Bob Rutherford, Deputy Secretary (Regulatory & Customer Services)

This role provides leadership and guidance to the new Regulatory and Customer Services divisions. The Regulatory and Customer Service divisions also bring together the key areas of DIER with responsibility for service delivery and regulation - Racing Services Tasmania, Transport Services and Mineral Resources Tasmania.

Statutory role as the Transport Commissioner. This role will continue to lead and manage the divisions responsible for Mineral Resource development, land transport operations, passenger transport and the racing industry. It also provides strategic advice to the Secretary and Ministers in these areas and provides strategic advice on projects of whole of agency importance.


Amanda Russell


Corporate Services - Amanda Russell, General Manager
  • Human Resources
  • Information Management
  • Financial Services
  • Resource Management
  • Corporate Affairs


Shane Gregory


Transport Infrastructure Services - Shane Gregory, General Manager
  • Asset Management
  • Business Services
  • Contract Services
  • Maintenance Services
  • Planning & Design
  • Project Services
  • Traffic Engineering




Land Transport Safety - Penny Nichols, General Manager
  • Land Transport Safety Policy
  • Rail Safety
  • Registration and Licensing
  • Road Safety Operations
  • Vehicle Operations


Tony Murray


Racing Services Tasmania - Tony Murray, Director of Racing
  • Racing Industry Licences and Registrations
  • Racing Industry Integrity Controls
  • Regulation of Bookmaker Betting
  • Racing Appeals
  • Racing Industry training


David Spence


Infrastructure Strategy - David Spence, General Manager
  • Whole-of-Government Infrastructure Processes
  • Passenger Transport Strategy
  • Freight Transport Strategy
  • Transport Strategic Policy
  • Road Delivery Governance Reform
  • Infrastructure and Land Use Planning Reforms
  • Infrastructure Data and Support Systems


Kim Creek


Mineral Resources - Kim Creak, Director, Major Infrastructure Projects
  • Data Management
  • Geographical Information Systems
  • Metallic Minerals and Geographical Services
  • Engineering Geology and Groundwater
  • Industrial Minerals Environment and Tenement Management
  • Royalty Finance