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General resources:

State Government Aurora Energy
Providing electricity in Tasmania
State Government Aurora Energy discounts and concessions
Concessions available to residential customers
State Government Aurora Energy online services
Manage account details, compare electricity usage compare, pay bills
State Government Aurora Energy: forms
Electricity forms
State Government Aurora Energy: Gas
Information on natural gas supply in Tasmania, including where it's available, supply rates and charges, getting connected, understanding natural gas bills, and a list of Aurora preferred installers. Includes link to online connection form
State Government Aurora Energy: moving house made easy
How to connect or disconnect your electricity, natural gas and Aurora Pay As You Go. Also a moving check list and bill payment options
State Government Aurora Energy: Payments
Providing electricity in Tasmania
State Government AuroraGreen application form
Renewable energy for residents
State Government Basslink (Hydro Tasmania)
Information on the role of Basslink in Hydro Tasmania's operations, enabling the exporting and importing of electricity via the National Electricity Market (NEM). Links to the Basslink site and information on pricing
State Government Beaconsfield Investigation
Web site of the Investigation by the Special Investigator, Greg Melick, into the 25 April 2006 incident at the Beaconsfield Gold Mine
State Government Cloud seeding
Hydro Tasmania information on cloud seeding, a technique used to increase rainfall. Includes map of cloud seeding catchments, and responses to frequently asked questions
State Government Electricity Market
Details of the activities of the Department of Treasury and Finance relating to the National Electricity Market (NEM)
State Government Electricity Standards and Safety
Workplace Standards information
State Government Emergency management (Office of Energy Planning and Conservation)
Office of Energy Planning and Conservation information on managing electricity supply emergencies in Tasmania
Commonwealth Government Energy (Department of Industry)
Information relating to the energy functions of the Australian Government Department of Industry includes details of energy programs, security, markets, efficiency, clean energy, sustainability and climate change, facts and statistics and publications
Local Government Energy Efficiency Guidelines and Incentives (Hobart City Council)
Hobart City Council information on achieving energy efficient houses and includes guidelines for new houses and home extensions, and implementing solar technology into heritage properties.
State Government Energy Markets
Tasmania is part of the Federal Government's Energy Market Reform program developing Basslink, the Tasmanian Natural Gas Project, and other research is being carried out in the use of hydrogen as an energy source
State Government Energy Ombudsman information
Responsible for the resolution of complaints between Tasmanian electricity and gas customers and their providers
State Government Energy Ombudsman online and printable complaint forms
Responsible for the resolution of complaints between Tasmanian electricity and gas customers and their providers
State Government Entura
Website of Entura, consultants in energy and water solutions and part of the Hydro Tasmania company. Specialising in renewable energy, power engineering, hydro power, water management and infrastructure, environmental management and planning
State Government Gas (Workplace Standards Tasmania)
WST information on gas industry standards, safety and licensing. Includes details of the responsibilities of the Director of Gas Safety, consumer information, gasfitters' information, legislation and publications
Local Government Heritage Places and Solar Technology Guidelines (Hobart City Council)
Details of the Hobart City Council's guidelines for choosing and siting solar technologies on heritage properties in heritage areas. The Council's aim is to ensure that new solar technologies are positively integrated to a home situation, so the visual impact on the heritage qualities of the building will be minimal
Commonwealth Government Home Energy Saver Scheme (HESS)
Commonwealth Department of Social Services site for people having trouble managing their energy needs and bills. HESS offers downloadable energy saving tips and information with a free call or through information on this website, lists energy saving talks in communities, or home visits for suggestions on saving power
State Government Hydro Tasmania
The electricity generation and consulting company, one of Tasmania's three electricity businesses
State Government Hydro Tasmania: water
Links to water catchment areas with details of capacity and output
State Government King Island Renewable Energy Integration Project (KIREIP)
KIREIP is an initiative of Hydro Tasmania and is being developed with the assistance of the Australian Government’s Renewable Energy Demonstration Program and the Tasmanian Government
State Government Mineral Resources Tasmania
Division reporting on minerals, petroleum resources and land management
State Government Mineral Resources Tasmania Register
Directory listing Tasmanian Businesses that provide mining, mineral exploration, geological, drilling, geotechnical, environmental and support services
State Government Mineral Resources Tasmania: forms
Exploration and retention licences, prospecting licences, mining leases and environmental impact information
State Government Mineral Resources Tasmania: geoscience information
List links to geoscientific information including drilling, geological hazards, geophysical data, mineral deposit database and maps
State Government Mining Tribunal
Information on the role of the Magistrates Court Mining Division, also known as the Mining Tribunal, which has jurisdiction to hear disputes under the Mineral Resources Development Act 1995
State Government Momentum Energy
Part of the Hydro Tasmania group, Momentum Energy specialises in serving business and industry customers. It retails electricity in Victoria, including SmilePower's renewable energy
State Government Momentum Energy payments
Online payment for electricity supply accounts
State Government Musselroe Wind Farm
Information on the development of the Musseroe Wind Farm at Cape Portland in NE Tasmania.
State Government Office of Energy Planning and Conservation
Provides policy advice on energy issues, assists in the development of regulatory frameworks for the energy industry, and promotes energy efficiency and conservation
State Government Office of the Tasmanian Economic Regulator: Electricity Division
The Electricity Division of OTTER is responsible for setting electricity prices, issuing licences, ensuring retail compliance, setting standards, setting rules for the integrated operation of the generation, transmission and distribution system, and administering the Tasmanian Electricity Code
State Government Office of the Tasmanian Economic Regulator: Gas Division
An introduction to the role of OTTER in Tasmania's gas market, with links to information on gas regulation, gas legislation, gas licences and the gas distribution tender process
Commonwealth Government Petrol, diesel and LPG prices (ACCC)
Australian Competition and Consumer Commission information for consumers on petrol, diesel and LPG pricing in Australia, including the price cycles in five of the eight capital cities, and factors that influence Australian petrol prices
State Government Power to choose: electricity reform and you
The progressive introduction of electricity competition in Tasmania
State Government Renewable Energy
Hydro and wind resources in the state, and the Mandatory Renewable Energy Target (MRET)
State Government Renewable Energy Loan Scheme (RELS)
Department of Economic Development, Tourism and the Arts loans scheme to assist eligible businesses to purchase and install renewable energy generation facilities or manufacture renewable energy technology
Commonwealth Government Resources (Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism)
Information relating to the resources and energy responsibilities of the Australian Government Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism
Commonwealth Government Solar water heaters and the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES) process
Australian Government information about purchasing and installing solar hot water heaters and air-sourced heat pump water heaters
State Government Tasmanian Electricity Code
The Tasmanian Electricity Code sets out the detailed arrangements for the regulation of the Tasmanian electricity supply industry
State Government Tasmanian Energy Reform
The Government's reform of the State’s electricity industry to provide choice of electricity retailer, to lower prices, maximise Tasmania’s clean energy advantage, and improve theindustry's efficiency
State Government TasWind: King Island
TasWind is a proposed wind farm project to be situated on King Island, to be developed by Hydro Tasmania
State Government TIGER (Tasmanian Information on Geoscience and Exploration Resources)
Describes TIGER, Tasmania's geological and mineral exploration knowledge base. TIGER is an archive of historical information covering mineral tenements, mineral exploration and geoscientific reports and studies, geohazard assessments and maps, groundwater, mineral resources and more
State Government Transend Networks
Owner and operator of the electricity transmission system in Tasmania
State Government Workplace Standards Tasmania: licensing
Information about electrical notifications, licence applications, electrical workers, electrical contractors, health and safety, dangerous goods, high risk work and more
State Government Workplace Standards Tasmania: occupational licensing
Occupational Licensing Act 2005 and other legal documents for plumbers, gas-fitters, electricians and automotive gas-fitters
State Government Workplace Standards Tasmania: search licence databases
Search to locate qualified contractors and professionals in all localities

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