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Courts and Tribunals Tasmania


No. 1 / 2012

Security ID Card Policy

This policy provides the Magistrates Courts of Tasmania with a framework for issuing security identification cards to staff and eligible officers or groups.  It replaces any previous policy or procedure relating to security passes or ID cards.

All existing ID cards will expire on 31 January 2012.  An ID Card replacement program will be completed before that date.

Identification cards are to be presented to security officers by cardholders entering a Magistrates Court building.  If a person does not have their card with them, they must submit to security screening.

Security Officers are required to check that the holder of the card is the person on the ID card and that the card is valid and not expired.


Security staff are exempt from applying for or having a Court ID card as they are required to have ID cards provided by their employer under the security contract.

Police Officers are also exempt from applying for or having a Court ID card.  To gain entry to any court building without submitting to security screening Police Officers must be either wearing their police uniform or display their police badge or warrant card if out of uniform.

Department of Justice employees are also exempt from applying for or having a Court ID card.  To gain entry to any Court building without submitting to security screening the Justice employee is to display their Departmental ID card.

All Court staff and Magistrates are to be issued with an ID card upon commencement of duties or if their card has been lost or misplaced.

The following people are eligible to make application for a Magistrates Court ID card:

  • Legal Practitioners (as per Circular No. 4 of 2000);

    NOTE: Legal Practitioners are exempt from purchasing a Court ID card if they present their Law Society ID card to security on entry to a court building.

  • Prosecutors (Police, Local Government, any others upon application);
  • Probation Officers;
  • Court Diversion Officers;
  • Mental Health Officers;
  • Others - at the discretion of the District Registrar or Manager

Upon the loss or expiration of the card, the officer will need to make an application for a new or replacement card.

The application for an ID card will contain personal details of the applicant as to their employment and reason for the card.  The applicant will also need to attach a letter from their firm or agency confirming that they work there and require the card for access to the Magistrates Court as part of their work.


The Magistrates Court will bear the cost of ID cards issued to staff and Magistrates, including the cost of replacement cards if lost.

All other applicants for an ID card must pay the fee (currently $15) upon application unless waived by the District Registrar.  The fee is set by the Administrator of Courts and is reviewed periodically.

The fee covers the cost of the production of the card by ID Supplies and the postage to Hobart Magistrates Court.  A small administration charge payable to the Magistrates Court is also included.

For a fee to be waived, consideration must be given as to whether the applicant or applicant's employer provides a service that is essential to the effective operation of Court business.


Jim Connolly
Administrator of Courts

7 December 2011