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Courts and Tribunals Tasmania

Court Virtual Tour

This gives a view of a typical court room, explains what each person in the room does, and shows the basic steps in a court case explains common documents, identifies court support services and includes a quiz to test your knowledge of the court process and procedures. 

Part of the Tour is a filmed re-enactment of a Court Case involving Family Violence. The case has been simplified for clarity of understanding. It should not be relied upon as a description of the total court process or outcome.


Click on image to start the Virtual Tour
Click on image to start the Virtual Tour

Important Notes:

You must have Flash Plugin 8 for the tour to work. If you do not have this installed you will be given the option to download it to your computer. Download takes only a few minutes.  Some organisations limit downloads and you may need to contact your IT section to arrange this.

The Tour contains large amounts of audio and video content that is best suited to high bandwidth users (broadband). Low bandwidth (dial up 56K modem) users may experience extended loading times when accessing the video content.

If you are using a modem it is still possible to view the video content, but you need to click to play the video which will slowly load each part. Once this is finished, click to play the video again. The playback on the second click should be continuous.

Start the tour.

The following are links to services and other useful parts of this website that are mentioned in the tour.