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Hobart Specialised Youth Justice Court Pilot:  Evaluation Report

The Evaluation Report for the Hobart Specialised Youth Justice Court (SYJC) Pilot was released in October 2013.

The SYJC Pilot started in January 2011. It operated as a specialist list in Hobart, presided over by a designated or ‘specialist’ youth justice magistrate, not as a separate or distinct court.

The specific aims of the Pilot were to achieve:

  • Improved timeliness to finalisation of youth justice matters
  • Encouragement of more consistency in the court’s decisions
  • Greater development and application of expertise in youth justice matters
  • Better coordination of youth justice support services to the court
  • Increased collaborative approaches between the agencies involved in youth justice.

The Evaluation Report covers the period from commencement to September 2012. The report states:

The Hobart Specialised Youth Justice Court Pilot achieved all but the first of its five formal objectives. It has been able to demonstrate greater consistency in decision-making about young offenders; the court has harnessed greater psychosocial expertise in youth justice matters, especially with regard to complex cases; it has ensured better coordination of agency services brought to the court; and has seen greatly increased collaborative work among those agencies to develop optimal interventions for the young offenders.

The Pilot formally ended with the Magistrates Court’s acceptance of this report.

The SYJC will continue in the Hobart registry of the Magistrates Court, and be adopted in Launceston in 2014.

Download the full report, including its findings and recommendations

Youth Justice Court Pilot - Evaluation Report Sept 2013 (PDF, 117pages)

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