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Diamond Jubilee

The statewide Auxiliary movement this week celebrated their Diamond Jubilee at their annual conference.

Chair fo the Tasmanian Health Organisations Graeme Houghton said the statewide Auxiliary movement had a great tradition of serving the community by donating labour, time and goodwill.

"In the last financial year well in excess of $1 million has been raised by the network of 30 statewide health auxiliarie," Mr Houghton said.

"This fundraising plays a crucial role in assisting Tasmanian hospitals and healthcare facilities to purchase vital pieces of equipment."

Maureen Miller, President of the Council of Auxiliaries South has spent the past 59 years helping others by raising funds to purchase equipment.

She follows the family tradition of her grandmother, mother and aunts who were instrumental in forming the Claremont

Auxiliary in 1939 and the Council of Auxiliaries in 1945.

Ms Miller said she was about to be married and it was her mother's belief that she would need something to do before a family arrived.

"I was encouraged, in fact told, what was expected of me as far as our commitment to society went, our contribution to the home, our parents, the family, the church and to the war effort."

"So I joined the Auxiliary and 59 years later have never regretted it for one minute," Ms Miller said.

Mr Houghton said members representing 23 statewide Auxiliaries, who have in excess of 500 members were in attendance at this week's conference.
"A Diamond Jubilee celebration is a milestone in an organisation's life."

"The auxiliary movement has spent more than 60 years generously donating time and effort to achieve great things for their community.

The first Auxiliary formed in Launceston in 1932 followed by the Royal Hobart Hospital in 1933.

The Auxiliaries raise funds to purchase equipment ranging from wheelchairs, blood storage refrigerator, defibrillators, nebulisers, lasers, ultrasounds, chairs, pressure mattresses, blanket warming cabinets, garden equipment, wheelchairs, and vision aids.

20 September 2013