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Court Mandated Diversion

Delivery Of The Program

There are a number of different people/agencies who are involved in the delivery of the program:

The Magistrate

The Magistrate may ask an offender if they are willing to be assessed for the program and refer the offender to that assessment. When the Magistrate has all the information needed, he or she will make a decision on whether the offender is suitable for the program. If so, the offender may be referred to a drug treatment program.

If an offender is referred to a drug treatment program at Bail or through a Drug Treatment Order, the Magistrate may have an ongoing role in reviewing their progress.

In that case they will ask the Court Diversion Officer (CDO) to provide progress reports during the offender's participation in the program.

If an offender participates in a treatment program at Bail, the Magistrate will decide the final sentence after they have completed that program.

The Court Diversion Officer

Upon formally entering the CMD program, the first person an offender is likely to meet is a Court Diversion Officer (CDO). This is the person who screens the offender for entry into the program and can explain any details about the program.

The CDO will arrange for an offender to undertakea criminogenic and clinical drug assessment.  At this assessment the CDO will ask the offender a series of questions about previous drug use, criminal activity and other details about their lifestyle.

These questions allow the CDO to decide whether a person is suitable for the program and which type of treatment interventions will suit their needs. This information will help in the development of an Individual Management Plan (IMP) for the offender. The CDO will also ask the offender to contribute to the development of goals in the IMP and ask whether an offender agrees to the final plan.

The Case Manager

When the Court has ordered an offender to undertake the CMD program, they will be referred back to the CDO who will arrange for them to meet with a designated Case Manager. The Case Manager will either be from Anglicare (Adults), Youth Justice Services (Juveniles). The Case Manager will work with the offender to ensure that the offender meets their goals on the IMP and receives the services identified in the plan.

The Case Manager also provides information to the court or the CDO about a person's progress during their treatment program.

Treatment Providers

A Case Manager will refer the eligible offender to Anglicare, The Salvation Army, other drug treatment providers or other welfare agencies who will provide the services detailed on the Individual Management Plan.

All these people/agencies will be in contact with each other to talk about the offender's progress during the program.

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