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Line easements

Our transmission lines cross public and private land. Wherever we have transmission lines, we also have transmission line easements. We acquire these easements to protect both you and other members of the public. Easements are designated corridors of land along the routes of transmission lines that provide us with access to our infrastructure to ensure it is well maintained and operating safely. The width of these easements varies.

We use easements to inspect our transmission lines and make any necessary repairs and alterations. Other work carried out in easements includes control of vegetation and the removal of structures that could interfere with transmission lines. Sometimes we also may need to install protective structures around our equipment.

We patrol all our transmission lines twice a year to inspect equipment and monitor vegetation growth. Ground patrols are complemented by aerial helicopter surveys.

For more information on the types of easements that can be found please read 'Types of easements'.

The presence of transmission lines and easements on your property generally raises no significant issues for you but there are some things you should be aware of before you carry out any work. For details on living and working with transmission lines please read 'Living and working with transmission lines'.