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Our Networks

Our transmission lines are the super highways of the electricity industry in Tasmania. Our transmission system has been shaped largely by the nature of Tasmania's predominantly hydro generation system, with load concentrated in the north and south-east of the State.

Power systems that are heavily reliant on hydro generation also create a set of operating conditions for transmission systems that differ from those of thermal-based generation. That means more investment and maintenance effort is required in Tasmania to connect generation and load than is the case in the rest of Australia.

We have teams of people around the State whose job it is to keep our system operating, all day every day. With Tasmania's population on the increase another important part of our job is to look to the future, not just keeping pace with the growing demand for energy but staying a long way in front so that we're there before you even realise you need us. That means meticulous planning on our part and ongoing consultation with leaders in industry, government and the community.